Inspiration: Orlando

A memorial tribute mural honoring the Pulse nightclub shooting victims

The Inspiration Orlando United mural

On the night of June 12, 2016, a festive atmosphere in the Pulse Nightclub was suddenly shattered by violent gunfire. 49 beautiful lives were taken and 53+ injured… never to be forgotten by Orlando and the world.  

Immediately following the tragedy, Michael Pilato, Yuriy Karabash and Chimene Hurst formed and led a collaborative team to create a unique mural, Inspiration Orlando United.

What evolved is a visual narrative illuminating courageous acts of compassion that in-turn revealed a heart of love and kindness in the City Beautiful.

 This mural’s mission is to engage and utilize public art to transform this tragic event into a visual shared history with stories of treasured lives, inspirational responses and selfless acts of leadership, love and hope.

The Inspiration Orlando United mural is currently 44 feet wide by 14 feet high. It’s core composition features the portraits of the 49 victims who lost their lives, the two survivors who passed before the first-year mark, and a representative selection of survivors, inspirational responders and passionate caregivers.     

The mural is a work in progress. The painting continues as newly-learned stories of inspiration are learned and added.The Inspiration Orlando United mural’s newest additions to the overall composition will be unveiled at the “Orlando Museum of Art” on June 12, 2023 to honor and remember the 49 loved-ones lost and the lives forever changed as the world rose united to say “Love Always Wins.”

It is an honor to be invited to join hands with the Orlando community and together support the mural as it continues to breathe hope, justice, healing and a passion for peace.