Is this best our idea for the website since these guys started putting their Murals online in Happy Valley or what? And this time you’re the artist, and it’s free!

Virtual Mural (free) to Replace Guestbook

We’re closing out the old guestbook, and instead, we are replacing it with a guest MURAL! That’s right, you can design your own mural section right here on the website for free! AND, it will be added to our community Virtual Mural (view it here).



It’s for creative, fun, and guestbook purposes only.  Keep your logos and ads to yourselves, and for advertising opportunities, just contact us!

Long Time Dream Come True!

This was something Michael and I talked about for a long time, and we now have the technology to make it possible, and make it free, for everyone.



Have Fun and Share the Love!


Design Your Virtual Mural Section (free) & Say Hello!

Design Your Virtual Mural Section (free)