Inspiration Lycoming County

Inspiration Lycoming County

  • Mural
  • Acrylic on High Quality MDO Board
  • Bullfrog Brewery
  • Williamsport, PA
  • USA
  • Size: 96ft x 24ft

Notes: This mural features notable and inspiring people from Williamsport and Lycoming County who have had a positive impact on the community, past and present. It is a focal point for the community serving as the location for several 9/11 memorial tributes organized by Michael Pilato. It is also a frequent location for other gatherings and represents a major landmark in the downtown Williamsport area.

7 thoughts on “Inspiration Lycoming County

  1. My wife, Linda and I drove to Williamsport this past weekend (April 6&7) to visit with our son, Chief Petty Officer James G. Good, USN. Williamsport is approximately midway from our home in Bellevue, Ohio to his current posting in Groton, Connecticut.
    It was a distinct pleasure to discover Inspiration, Lycoming County. It is truly the most amazing and ambitious work of urban art that we have ever seen. The complexity and attention to detail are rarely seen in this type of art.
    I am pleased that we happened to notice the inclusion of the website so that we could learn the name of the mural and more about it and the artist behind it.
    Thank You, James Good.

  2. I don’t consider myself the artistic type. I was looking for the Bullfrog Brewery and stumbled upon your paintings. I was truly taken by the way the people and back round seem to stand out. 3D like if you know what I mean. My son is a student at Lycoming and was turning 21 so we were going to go to the Bullfrog Brewery but since it was Labor Day it was closed. I took him back up to see your paintings because they were so magnificent. Thank you very much for such a beautiful mural. I have told all my friends and family about it. Thanks again.

  3. We were in Williamsport over the weekend, Sept 14th, 15th and couldn’t believe what we were seeing. This was the most amazing piece of art I have ever seen, and very emotional to look at. I was shocked to read on the web site only one person did this mural, what a master piece.

  4. Saw this mural in Williamsport just yesterday and commented how it looks like the artist’s work that in State College. Was pleasantly surprised to learn the the artist is the same. Fabulous skill. Can’t wait to go back and study this one closer. Thanks for the awesome beauty.

  5. While chasing leaves, my wife and I happened to stop at the Bullfrog Brewery on West Forth Street in Williamsport for dinner. As we pulled into the parking lot, we were awestruck at your murals. Your are an amazing talent !

  6. I visited you with my parents and you showed us your whole mural and explained some paintings. I lost my cousin a few years ago and the day I met you was the same day the 9/11 motorcycle parade my cousin was honored in. Before I met you and your artwork I was never really into art only because I felt like I had no patience. You inspired me and I looked closely at your artwork just amazed! That night at home I sat down and started to draw, pretty terrible at first but that was nearly 5 years ago. I’ve improved so much and drawing and painting really helped me cope with my lost loved one. It helped take off the edges of the pain. My dream one day is to be as great of an artist as you. I’m not sure how I’ll ever get there, and I know there is almost an endless amount of practice to become nearly as good as you. You definitely have an amazing talent anyone with eyes can see that. And I just wanted to thank you for really inspiring me. I don’t know what I would do without art in my life.

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