Mural Artist Michael Pilato

pilato_painting_1Famed mural artist Michael Pilato, a native of State College, PA, is one of the premier mural artists globally and is recognized for his exceptional mural and portrait mural work as well as for his philanthropic efforts.

A Master Craftsman

As a true master of the mural arts Michael has both public and private pieces worldwide. From the internationally acclaimed World Mural project to the touching tribute murals for 9/11 NY firefighters, from creating the world’s first 3D mural to commissions from foreign countries, Michael Pilato is a recognized leader in the mural arts. Pilato is deeply involved with his local community and locates some of his most recognized work near his hometown. Notable murals local to his area include his “Inspiration” mural (State College, PA) and his “Inspiration: Lycoming County” mural (Williamsport, PA), both being destination pieces for visitors to the area. Other popular public Michael Pilato murals primarily dot the major East Coast cities like Washington DC and New York City while some of his more of his recent murals have been found around the world thanks to the World Mural project.

Accomplished Mural Artist

pilato_crowd_1Pilato has one of the most successful careers in modern mural art and portrait art. His work and his art are the subject of multiple documentaries, he holds the World Record for Largest Outdoor Portrait Mural with his piece “Inspiration Lycoming County“, he created the world’s first 3D painted mural, he has pushed previous artistic boundaries with new materials and techniques, he was the recipient of the Ingrid P. Holtzman award, and he was recognized as a leading luminary worldwide with his selection as a TEDx Talk 2013 speaker.

Stories From the Local Communities

pilato_lift_1In addition to being at the forefront of his art Michael lives and loves the stories of the people he connects with. As a portrait mural artist Mike is immersed in the human element of his paintings, often giving back to the community through new projects, artwork, artistic activism, youth programs, concerts, and numerous charitable events. Michael has lead numerous painting marathons for various causes, including a yearly commemorative tribute to 9/11 where he has several times painted publicly for 48 hours with support from local artists and musicians. He is an active participant in many community outreach programs and even hosts local elementary school field trips to view his murals and answer questions from budding young artists. Pilato not only believes in giving back to the community but also giving back to the world and he lives that through his inspirational life and work.

Ongoing Projects

Some of Michael’s other projects include affiliation with various artistic studios, accredited art academies, international art institutions, and even local popup studios. As a recognized expert in mural arts Pilato is often involved in collaboration and consultation with other artists. A selfless champion of the mural arts Michael is always pushing to develop a community spirit at every level of the artistic experience. He provides and finds artistic space for established professional artists, apprentices, local budding artists, and local youth exhibits. He is also active in creating new opportunities for existing artists to receive new exposure.